01 RealTalk Penn
Anonymously-moderated Q&A forum for University of Pennsylvania inspired by the Princeton counterpart. Project for The Signal .
02 The Signal
Online publication at University of Pennsylvania promoting alternative career paths and reflections on Penn’s culture.
03 Perspect
Pedestrian navigation with augmented reality and computer vision.
Perspect (Perspect Co., Ltd) aims to provide a better pedestrian navigation experience by putting you at the center of the map, overlaying live annotations and directions on a live image of what you see, and thus diminishing the need to look up traditional maps and directions.

Perspect includes a mobile map rendering engine for displaying maps in augmented reality, a backend GIS system written from the ground up, a set of cross-platform GLSL shaders for vision-based positioning, and an iOS app for pedestrian turn-by-turn navigation.
Jan. 2013
May 2014
Incorporated as Perspect Co., Ltd
Jun. 2014
Joined Microsoft Ventures
Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (MVA) is a startup incubation program by Microsoft. Perspect joined MVA as one of their portfolio companies, and also broke the record for having the youngest founder in their recruitment history.
Jun. 2014
Joined Microsoft Ventures
Perspect was acquired for roughly $200,000 USD in cash and equity.
Geographic Information System
The app Perspect runs on iOS and was built with OpenGL. Powered by hundreds of gigabytes of map data on the backend, the app is ready for primetime at any location in the world.

The databases of Perspect are built on PostgreSQL and PostGIS, gathered from various open data sources such as OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia dumps, along with Python scripts to serve tiles designed specifically for fast rendering on mobile devices, ensuring a fast and responsive navigating experience on the app.
Computer Vision
In order to gain location and heading information at the highest accuracy for precise augmented reality annotations, we went beyond traditional positioning methods using GPS and compasses and built image processing algorithms to enhance the process.
Example of shaders results used to extract the direction of the street and horizon in the picture. The process takes around 30 milliseconds on an iPhone 6.
04 ChanceU
Automated college counselling platform with advices and admission predictions powered by machine learning.
"Private college counselors cost $3,900 on average, and students who can bare the price tag often gain an upper hand in college admissions. ChanceU provides accessible private college counselling to level the playing field for college applicants by leveraging technologies such as predictive analysis and natural language processing to give instant feedback on student profiles."
05 Marble
Minimalistic social network with emoji-only posts and private messages.